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Portable Appliance Testing ( PAT ) is required under the Electricity at Work Act 1989, and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations ( PUWER ).

As such, companies have a legal duty to ensure that equipment used on site or at work is safe to use. This means most equipment has to be PAT Tested.

Whilst there are many companies offering this service, Midas Electronics Ltd use ex-service men and women to carry out testing at your premises. All our engineers have CRB and security clearance, making them ideal for areas where they would normally have to have an escort. This saves your company time and costs.

We have used the same engineer for a number of years at a location in Oxford, where they have valuable antiques, and paintings. The customer requests the same engineer to carry out the work, for the excellent service he has given in the past, plus the security of the premises makes it difficult for new passes to be issued each year.

Over the last few years, we have carried out testing at solicitors offices, law departments , schools and colleges, all areas where security and safety of both information and vulnerable people is of the greatest importance.

Working with Midas Electronics Ltd helps ex-servicemen and women back into civilian life, many of them after serving their country for over 20 years.

We can supply customers with a range of test results, including Word, Excel or HTML formats according to your requirements.

All tested items are labelled with a PASS label. Items that fail are removed from use.
We purchase all our PAT labels from

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Case Study: What happens if you don't test?

An employee sustained a 240 volt electric shock that broke both shoulders whilst attempting to test a newly manufactured appliance that had been incorrectly wired to the mains lead. Suitable precautions had not been taken to prevent electrical injury to employees engaged in testing work on electrical appliances. Employees were exposed to live wires at 240 Volts ac, there was exposed metal in the test area, there was no PAT test of mains lead prior to live test and no risk assessment for electrical testing work.

The employers were prosecuted under The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (No 14), The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 (No 3) paragraph 1 and received a fine.

(Case study from the Health and Safety Executive site)

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Midas Safety Services are happy to discuss your PAT Testing Training requirements and arrange a no-obligation meeting if that would be helpful.

Please contact us on 01454-632967 or email

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PAT Testing

We can perform the PAT testing service for your company. Our fully qualified staff can ensure that all your electrical equipment has been tested to the required legal standard.



To carry out PAT Testing in-house and ensure compliance with testing regulations, you need proper staff training.

Electrical health and safety pat testing equipment


To carry out PAT Testing in-house, you need reliable equipment that makes it easy to create a comprehensive testing record.

PAT testing software for health and safety monitoring and recording of test data


To keep track of tested appliances and equipment, and ensure compliance with testing regulations, you need software to provide a comprehensive testing record and schedule.