PAT Testing


To carry out PAT Testing in-house and ensure compliance with testing regulations, you need proper staff training.

Midas provides training days at your premises, customised to the requirements of your specialized equipment - we set out comprehensive procedures that are straightforward to follow, and give you an overview of risk assessment.

We can also provide PAT Testing equipment and software.

Training Days and Courses

We can run PAT testing training days at your premises. The advantage of on-site training is to allow our trained engineers to assess your specialized equipment, and advise on procedures and tests to be carried out.

The training course is designed so that learners can become familiar with PAT testing, and the use of PAT testing equipment. The learner will also be able to test safely, and without harm to others. Previous electrical knowledge would be an advantage but is not essential. Risk assessment is covered in depth on this course.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the need for portable appliance testing
  • Use a PAT tester, safely and accurately
  • Know when and how to perform a "flash" test
  • Know when to perform a "run" test
  • Be able to reasonably assess the required test period of a range of appliances
  • Distinguish between classes of appliances
  • Establish and maintain an accurate record of appliances, testing frequencies and a test history
  • Know how to download test results

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Electrical Safety

  • Electricity and its effect on the body

Equipment Construction

  • State the various different equipment insulation classifications
  • Identify equipment classification marks


  • State essential initial frequencies of:
    • User checks
    • Formal visual inspections
    • Combined inspections and testing (recorded)
  • Identify items that the user should be competent to inspect.
  • Describe what needs to be considered when carrying out a formal visual inspection with regard to:
    • The environment
    • Good housekeeping
    • Suitability of equipment for intended use
    • Safely disconnecting equipment
    • The condition of equipment and connecting leads

Combined Inspection and Testing

  • List the factors to be taken into account within visual inspection to determine the condition of equipment
  • State the purpose of the following tests:
    • Earth continuity (earth bonding)
    • Insulation resistance measurement
    • Operation/load checking
  • State which tests should not be carried out and why
  • Describe the various types of instruments that may be used for testing equipment


  • State the minimum and maximum acceptable resistances
  • State the information to be recorded on an identification label
  • Recognise deteriorating equipment by interpretation of test results


  • State procedures for dealing with damaged and faulty equipment
  • State particular considerations for appliance couplers/cord sets
  • Identify test requirements for extension leads and state the restrictions of use for this equipment
  • State recommended testing procedures for microwave ovens
  • Identify particular considerations for information technology equipment and the testing limitations

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Contact Midas

Midas Safety Services are happy to discuss your PAT Testing Training requirements and arrange a no-obligation meeting if that would be helpful.

Please contact us on 01454-632967 or email

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PAT Testing

We can perform the PAT testing service for your company. Our fully qualified staff can ensure that all your electrical equipment has been tested to the required legal standard.



To carry out PAT Testing in-house and ensure compliance with testing regulations, you need proper staff training.

Electrical health and safety pat testing equipment


To carry out PAT Testing in-house, you need reliable equipment that makes it easy to create a comprehensive testing record.

PAT testing software for health and safety monitoring and recording of test data


To keep track of tested appliances and equipment, and ensure compliance with testing regulations, you need software to provide a comprehensive testing record and schedule.